Exploring Community Pharmacy Capacity & Empowering Teams

Following on from the success of a series of training events held by Community Pharmacy Lancashire, demonstrated by Lynette Roberts, please find some useful training materials below. These are short videos lasting no longer than 10 minutes for you to share amongst your team. These resources have been created with a view to expand you capacity as a pharmacy by identifying small areas in which you can adapt that can make a huge difference to you and your business.

Expand your pharmacy capacity –  Please start the series by first of all watching Root Cause Analysis:

Please see the worksheet and Wheel of Waste Audit to use alongside the videos:

Root Cause Analysis Worksheet

Wheel of Waste Audit

Video 1: Transportation

Video 2: Inventory Wastage

Video 3: Motion Wastage

Video 4: Waiting Wastage

Video 5: Over Processing Wastage

Video 6: Defects Wastage

Video 7: Skills Wastage


Now you have some ideas on how to expand your pharmacy capacity, you may now have some interest in finding an Accuracy Checking Pharmacy Technician or upskilling a current member of your team. To Find out more in relation to an upcoming course, please click here to be redirected.

Please note that other course providers are available.