Locally Commissioned Services

Locally commissioned community pharmacy services can be contracted via a number of different routes and by different commissioners, including local authorities (Public Health), Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and local NHS England teams.

CCG Services

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Public Health Services

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NHS Health Checks

For information on free NHS Health Check Service see the Choose Health website. Click here to be redirected

South Cumbria Services


To view the Pharmacy agreement to stock antivirals please click here. 
Please note, we are awaiting the up to date version.

Hospital Discharge Services

Transfers of Care Around Medicine (TCAM) (formally known as eTCP)

Click here for: A guide to support community pharmacists in dealing with electronic discharge – Frequently asked questions


(Blackburn with Darwen, East Lancashire and Morecambe Bay CCG areas)

DMS communications for Morecambe Bay contractors

FAQs Refer to Pharmacy

FAQs – appendix 1 -user guide presentation

FAQs – appendix 2 – SOP

PowerPoint presentation

Refer to Pharmacy Case Studies

Refer to Pharmacy Case Study – DOAC

Transfer of Care

(Blackpool and West Lancashire CCG areas)

PharmOutcomes Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Minor Ailments

Here you will find details of Minor Ailments services (in those areas where it is currently commissioned)


To view the Minor Ailments scheme 23-24 – click here

To view the MAS formulary please refer to the PharmOutcomes Service Module

To View the Minor Ailments scheme for Paediatrics service specification 23-24 – Click Here

To view the MAS Paediatric Formulary for 2023 – Click here 



Historic specs below

Greater Preston and Chorley South Ribble – Minor Ailment Scheme – SLA – 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023

Greater Preston and Chorley & South Ribble – Formulary & Protocols – 2022 -2023

PharmOutcomes support manual Lancashire


This service is no longer commissioned in Blackpool CCG area.


This service is no longer commissioned in East Lancashire CCG area.

FYLDE & WYRE CCG AREA (Pharmacy+ Clinic Service)

The Pharmacy + Clinic in Fylde & Wyre ceased operating on the 30th June 2018.


This service is no longer commissioned in Lancashire North CCG area.


The Minor Ailments Scheme in West Lancs CCG area was decommissioned in December 2017


This service is no longer commissioned in Blackburn with Darwen area.


Minor Ailment Scheme – Morecambe Bay – under 18s 

Palliative Care

To view the Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB wide palliative care EoL SLA please click here

Historic Specs below:-

Here you will find details of palliative care services (in those areas where it is currently commissioned)

Pennine Lancashire (East Lancashire CCG & Blackburn with Darwen CCG)

Pennine Lancashire (East Lancashire CCG & Blackburn with Darwen CCG) Palliative Care Service – 01st March 2022 – 31st March 2023

Blackpool CCG and Fylde & Wyre CCG

Just in Case Service Specification – Fylde Coast – 01st April 2022 – 31st March 2023

Chorley & South Ribble and Greater Preston CCGs

Service specification 1st July 2020 – 31st December 2020

List of Pharmacies providing palliative care service in Chorley South Ribble & Greater Preston

Covid 19 Temporary End of Life Drugs list

Morecambe Bay CCG – Just in case

Just in Case (JIC) Service Specification 2022-23

West Lancashire CCG

Palliative Care Service Specification for community pharmacy – click here


Needle Exchange

Here you will find details of needle exchange services (in those areas where it is currently commissioned)

Blackburn with Darwen

Service Level Agreement – Pharmacy Needle & Syringe Programme – 01st April 2023 – 31st March 2024 – click here

East Lancashire, Central & North Lancashire

Service Level Agreement – Needle Exchange Programme – 01st April 2023 – 31st March 2024 – click here

Service Level Agreement – List of Contractors – click here


Service Level Agreement – Needle Syringe – 1st April 2023 – 31st March 2023 click here

Needle Exchange locations – click here

Historic specs below:

Service Level Agreement – Pharmacy Needle & Syringe Programme – 01st April 2022 – 31st March 2023 – click here

Historic Specs below:


Needle Exchange Service Spec – 1st April 2021 – 31st March 2022 – click here


Awaiting 23-24 versions

The Online Pan-Lancashire Multi Agency Safeguarding Children Procedures can be found here

The contact details for Children Multi Agency Safeguarding Agency can be found here

Lancashire Safeguarding Adults Board

Sexual Health

Awaiting 23-24 versions

In this section you will find EHC SLAs, information on Chlamydia screening service, how to obtain condoms & Declarations of Competence .

Lancashire County Council 


To view EHC Service Spec – 23-24 – click here

Historic specs below:

EHC Service Spec – Lancashire County Council  – 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023

Signed EHC PGD – Lancashire County Council (LCC) 1st May 2022 – 30th April 2025

Blackpool Council

As of 1st April 2016, Blackpool Council no longer commissions an EHC service from Community Pharmacy.

Please refer anyone presenting for EHC to the Specialist Sexual Health Service at Whitegate Drive Health Centre (01253 957171) or the Young People’s Centre on Talbot Road (01253 955856)

Information and contraception clinic times can be found via the Lancashire Sexual Health website:

Blackpool and Lancashire Sexual Health Service Find Your Nearest Centre or by telephoning 01772 401140

Blackburn with Darwen Integrated Sexual Health Service


For more information about the sexual health services or help to access support contact: (01772) 401140 or visit: Blackpool and Lancashire Sexual Health Service Find Your Nearest Centre

Awaiting 23/24 versions

BwD Pharmacy Emergency Hormonal Contraception Service Specification 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023


Due to the coronavirus, the PGD for Levonorgestrel has been updated to include the following line (on dosage):

2 tablets (3mg) to be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sexual intercourse up to 96 hours when the BMI or weight cannot be recorded due to COVID 19 restrictions

Revised PGD Blackburn with Darwen Council – 1st April 2020 – 31st March 2023

Sexual Health Services – STI on-line testing kits

Lancashire sexual have launched a new ‘free home testing kits’ service to screen for sexually transmitted infections which are available for Lancashire residents of all ages over 16 years of age. (Excluding Blackburn with Darwen residents anyone living within this area can call: 01254 283888 for more information on how to be tested).

Please click here for further information and here for an electronic version of a Home kit poster which can be downloaded and printed for display if required

Chlamydia screening service

East Lancashire Chlamydia Screening Programme (Blackburn with Darwen)
Barbara Castle Way Health Centre
Simmons Street
Blackburn  BB2 1AX

Telephone:         01254 283874 Young Person’s confidential line: 0845 602 0894

Email:                    Best2Know@lancashirecare.nhs.uk

Website:              www.best2know.co.uk

Chlamydia Test Kits for Best 2 Know Provision in Community Pharmacy

Chlamydia Screening Team contact details. Please note when requesting kits that they are now gender specific

Ordering condoms from Public Health

Lancashire Pharmacy Contractors:  Clinic packs of 144 condoms can be ordered by contacting phadmin@lancashire.gov.uk  who will email an order form.
When the order form has been completed and returned to them, orders should be received within 5 working days’. (any mail disruption will impact on delivery times, if items are out of stock the supplier will offer an alternative)

Any queries, contact:
Christine Tetlow, Public Health Co-ordinator (Sexual Health)
Lancashire County Council

Tel:  01772 539826

Blackpool contractors should contact: Contractreview@blackpool.gov.uk with your order


Declaration of Competence

The Declaration of Competence (DoC) system has been developed to support you in assuring commissioners that you are service-ready and have the appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours to deliver high-quality, consistent services. Many commissioners are now including the DoC system in their service specifications, service level agreements and patient group directions. Click here for more information

Smoking Cessation

In this section you will find details of smoking cessation services and NRT voucher schemes (in those areas where it is currently commissioned)

NRT Voucher Scheme

To view the CGL introduction letter, please click here
To view the update from LCC regarding the Quit Squad contract update, please click here.

Awaiting 23/24 versions

Lancashire County Council 1st April 2021  click here

Lancashire County Council 22/23 click here
LLC NRT Stop Smoking Service poster click here

Blackburn with Darwen Council – see below under Local Improvement Service (LIS) for Provision of Stop Smoking Services

Please click here to view a list of stop smoking providers in Blackburn with Darwen.

Blackpool Council. As of 1st April 2016, Blackpool Council no longer commissions an NRT Voucher Scheme from Community Pharmacy.

Local Improvement Service (LIS) for Provision of Stop Smoking Services

Awaiting 23/24 versions

Blackburn with Darwen AreaSLA 2023/24– click here

Blackburn with Darwen AreaSLA 2022/23– click here

Blackburn with Darwen smoking cessation pharmacy providers 2020/21 – click here

Lancashire County Council  SLA 2020/21 – click here

Blackpool Area SLA 2018/19 – click here

Substance Misuse
In this section you will find the substance misuse service specifications (in those areas where it is currently commissioned)

Blackburn with Darwen

Service Level Agreement – Supervised Consumption Programme – 01st April 2023 – 31st March 2024 – click here

North, Central and East Lancashire 

Service Level Agreement – Supervised Consumption – 01st April 2023 – 31st March 2024 – click here

Service Level Agreement – List of Contractors – click here

Historic specs below:

Service Level Agreement – Supervised Consumption Programme – 01st April 2022 – 31st March 2023 – click here 

Blackpool area

The SLA from delphi for supervised consumption (1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024) – click here

Historic SLA’s below

The SLA from delphi for supervised consumption (1st April 2021 – 31st March 2022) – click here

Read below details of Blackpool’s integrated Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Harm Reduction and Non-Clinical Sexual Health Services.

Horizon in Blackpool offers a comprehensive support service for residents covering Drug and Alcohol Dependency, Harm Reduction and Non-Clinical Sexual Health Services.

The service was commissioned to contribute to the following public health outcomes:

Increasing number of people living drug and alcohol free lifestyles

Reducing reoffending

Increasing employment and reducing homelessness

Improving physical and psychological health

Improving the lives of young people and their families

Horizon comprises four agencies:

Delphi Medical – Drug and Alcohol Clinical Intervention Service for Adults and Young People

The Hub – Young People’s Risk Taking Behaviour, including substance misuse and sexual health

Renaissance – Drugs & Alcohol Adult Harm Reduction, Assertive Outreach together with Non Clinical Sexual Adult Health Harm Reduction Services

The Horizon service offers a comprehensive package of first class care and treatment created to support the health and wellbeing of all Blackpool’s residents.

Any resident can access the services; young people up to the age of 25 are able to access more age appropriate services (The Hub) which in turn offer a more holistic care package.

For more information or to access the services contact:

Horizon Single Point of Access for all adult services – 01253 205156

The HUB (Young people’s service, up to 25 years) – 01253 476010

EHC South Cumbria

Westmorland and Furness Council are the commissioners for this service.

All the relevant documents to the EHC service are below

Please Check the EHC service within Pharmoutcomes for all the relevant documents.

Pharmacy Referral letter EHC

  • PGD – Levonelle please click here
  • PGD – Ulipristal Acetate please click here

Training Requirements and Useful Links

This service requires a Declaration Of Competence (DoC) for EHC and a safeguarding learning package (such as CPPE Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults e-learning and assessment)

PharmOutcomes enrolment and CPPE DoC
PharmOutcomes Delivery Service Guide
UKMEC April 2016 Summary Sheet (Amended September 2019) – Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (fsrh.org)
Safeguarding Training News Bulletin August 2020
EHC Decision Tree
Sexual Health Service Clinics across Cumbria

We are aware that product supplies are an issue at the moment so please can you either contact another local pharmacy on behalf of the patient if you are unable to deliver the service. Please enquiry if they are able to delivering the service and if so have products available. If they do not, please signpost to the local sexual health clinic. 

Chlamydia screening packs can now be ordered by using the following email David Morris – David.Morris@ncic.nhs.uk. This address will be checked every week day by the sexual health team and they will endeavour to deliver packs as soon as possible. This email can also be used if you have a query. As a requirement for the EHC service chlamydia screening kits need to be offered.

Please ensure that your kits are in date by checking the expiry dates.

If your kits are out of date please email David Morris – David.Morris@ncic.nhs.uk to order replacements.


HIV testing in pharmacies across Cumbria

HIV Contact Details and NHS email addresses

Referrals to Sexual Health clinics should be by email to respective clinic nhs.net email addresses, NOT BY FAX.

It still remains the case that pharmacists should also contact the clinic as well by phone.

If their nearest clinic is closed at that time, they should contact one of the other hubs.

Solway Clinic:

Solway Clinic (Behind the Hotel)
Centre for Sexual Health
Hilltop Heights
London Road

Telephone: 01228 608989
Contact: Sarah Penrice
Email: Ncm-tr.solwayclinic@nhs.net

Derwent Clinic:

Workington Community Hospital
Park Lane Clinic
CA14 2RW

Telephone: 01900 705050
Contact: Sarah Penrice
Email: Ncm-tr.derwentclinic@nhs.net

Birchwood Clinic:

Centre for Sexual Health
Furness General Hospital
Barrow in Furness
LA14 4LF

Telephone: 01229 404464
Contact: David Morris
Email: Ncm-tr.birchwoodclinic@nhs.net

Kentwood Clinic:

Centre for Sexual Health
Gillinggate Centre

Telephone: 01539 716706
Contact: David Morris
Email: Ncm-tr.kentwoodclinic@nhs.net

Go get a quick, free, confidential Rapid HIV Test from one of the Pharmacies listed below. This service is open to anyone aged 18+ and you will get the results within 5 minutes.

Telephone for an appointment

9 pharmacies across Cumbria are offering HIV testing in community Pharmacy – For a full list below

Dalston Inglewood Pharmacy 7 Central Avenue Carlisle Cumbria CA1 3QB Tel- 01228 523312

Dalston Pharmacy Ltd 2 Vicars Cottages Dalston Cumbria CA5 7LW Tel 01228 712506

Brampton Pharmacy Market Place Brampton Cumbria CA8 1RL Tel 016977 2501

J S Urwin 91 Main Road Seaton Workington Cumbria CA14 1JE Tel 01900 67679

Cohens Pharmacy  – 62 Rawlinson Street, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria LA14 2DN Tel 01229 821956

Morrisons Pharmacy Brunswick Road Penrith Cumbria CA11 7JU Tel 01768 862055

Seacliffe Pharmacy High Road Whitehaven Cumbria CA28 9PG Tel 01946 599860

Staveley Pharmacy 6 Main Street Staveley, Cumbria LA8 9LU Tel 01539 821222

Recovery Steps Cumbria

Cumbria Recovery Steps SLA’s

Specifications and relevant documents are now available and have been sent to all contractors NHS shared email.

Recovery Steps stakeholder letter

Contact Details

Telephone – 01900 512300 – One number covering the whole of Cumbria
Email – Referrals@recoverystepscumbria.org.uk

The services will be operating from the following locations:
– 1st Floor Stocklund House, Castle Street, Carlisle CA3 8SY
– 92-96 Duke Street, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 1RD
– 6 Finkle Street, Workington, Cumbria CA14 2AY
– 21b Lowther Street, Whitehaven, Cumbria CA28 7DG
–  Community venues and GP practices in Penrith and Kendal

Claiming for prescriptions

Please ensure you claim all the prescriptions for Unity before the 1st Sept as the service will be transferred over to Recovery Steps on the 1st.

September supervisions will be funded by Unity, and October supervisions are to be funded by Recovery Steps.
Any prescriptions that have doses in both months the pharmacist will need to make two entries for the prescription, one on the Unity template for the September doses, and one on the Recovery Steps template for the October doses.

These are also attached below:

Service Level Agreement for Pharmacy Supervised Consumption

Service Level Agreement for Pharmacy Needle Syringe Provision

Our Needle Syringe Provision will be via Orion. They will be contacting the pharmacies to organise and going through the ordering process/subtle differences between products, waste collection arrangements etc. Like for like products will be provided but sometimes there are really subtle differences our service users can pick up on (e.g. 1ml Frontier plunger might not move as smoothly as a 1ml Orion product). Pharmacies will be able to order direct with Orion via their website. Pharmacies won’t have to wait until end of once a month to get orders – they can just order what they need when they need it.

Pharmacy Take Home Naloxone SLA v1.0 CUMBRIA

Cumbria Recovery Steps – Online-Referral-Form

Can you review , sign and return to contracts@humankindcharity.org.uk asap, if you are going to deliver the service from 1st Oct 2021 onwards.
Please DO NOT return the signed contracts to us as they need to be sent directly to the commissioner.
I have also attached the original letter for reference. Please note the email in the letter have been updated to the one above.
New service contact details will be sent as soon as the service becomes operational.
Recovery Steps Cumbria is the name of the new service commissioner.
In the interim, contracts@humankindcharity.org.uk may be used for any queries.

Letter from Recovery Steps Cumbria (Humankind) regarding commissioning of substance misuse services from 1st Oct 2021

Cumbria Recovery Step Humankind Pharmacy letter 16.8.21

They would like to introduce the new service model, Cumbria Recovery Steps, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions at an online event – Powerpoint from the meetings held in October – Cumbria Addiction Services – Pharmacy presentation (1) (2)


Community Pharmacy Scheme for Paediatrics – Under 18


Community Pharmacy Minor Ailments Scheme for Paediatrics – under 18 years of age. Specification Minor Ailments Scheme 2021 22

The eligibility criteria are misleading but it means that anyone under 18 in full time education is eligible for the service, or any person age 16-18 who is not in FTE, but is judged ‘socially vulnerable’.

Please can you ensure that the update reaches all your staff and that you print of a copy of the new formulary.