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Winter Ailments Cold and Flu – Antibiotic Duration Prescribing Tips 
Multi-lingual Managing Asthma Guide

Winter Ailments cold and flu – Antibiotic Duration Prescribing Tips

NICE publish primary care prescribing guidelines for a range of common infection topics, which include recommendations on the choice, dose, and course length of antibiotics. Prescribing longer course lengths than guideline recommendations may lead to antibiotic overuse, increased risk of side effects and increased risk of antibiotic resistance.

A recent meta-analysis estimated that each additional day of antibiotic therapy is associated with a 4% increase in risk of side effects and a 3% increase in risk of resistance. Click here for more information

Multi-lingual Managing Asthma Guide

As we progress through the season that starts an increase in asthma symptoms for some of our population, an opportunity to encourage pro-active action. Please click here for further details